Have Been Canceled…
Last updated: September 17th, 2020

To: All Sunrise Drive Area Rummage Sale Participants and longtime friends of the Sale

After quite a bit of thought I have decided I won’t be organizing a Fall rummage sale this year either.  The pandemic is partly to blame but I just can’t come up with the time to make it happen in the next month or two.

If any of you want to organize the sale I will be happy to help with it, including sending out e-mails to members and helping with the basic preparations.  But distributing the flyers and coordinating the advertising, both radio and publication, plus setting up the donation pickup is more than I can take on for now.  I apologize to those of you who are new to the area and this group who wanted to have a spring sale.

I’m hopeful that things will look a lot better in the Spring of 2021.  Please stay tuned.  And stay safe.

Best regards,

Dave LeVasseur
15 Sunrise Drive

Street/Ave Addresses and Items for Sale
6th Ave NE
7th Ave NE
13th St. NE
16th St. NE
17th St. NE
18th St. NE
Sunrise Drive

Notes: *: Need pick up items on Saturday afternoon.
Θ: Sale hours may differ from those of the overall sale. If a participant is closed during the regular hours it will be shown above.
Download the 2019 Sunrise Rummage Sale Poster to print for your workplace or place of worship.

Map of the sale area: