The 2023 Sunrise Drive Area Rummage Sale
was held on

Friday, May 5th, 5pm-8pm
Saturday, May 6th, 8am-noon

Thanks to all who participated and attended our sales.

Check back late April for the 2024 sale dates

The following notes are left over from the 2023 sale and may be re-used for the 2024 sale:

Sunrise Drive Area sale Participants: see special notes for you below the listings.

Addresses and Items For Sale (mobile-friendly tab below)

Notes: *: Need pick up items on Saturday afternoon.
Θ: Sale hours may differ from those of the overall sale. If a participant is closed during the regular hours it will be shown above.

Notes to 2023 Participants:

The flyers for our participants were distributed in the area below on April 15th, 2023.  If yours was lost or misplaced you can download a copy of the flyer.

Download the 2023 Sunrise Rummage SalePoster 2023 to print for your workplace or place of worship.  I also created a “business card” ad for Tidbits of the Lake Area you can print and tack these up on your work bulletin board or elsewhere to help advertise the sale.  The card contains a QR code at which people can aim their phone cameras to take them directly to the website to see the current addresses and listings.

Map of the sale area:

Map of Sunrise Rummage Sale Area

This is the the free site, set up as a subdomain: sunriserummage.wordpress.com.  It will be converted to the paid site with no ads in April each year (www.sunriserummage.com).  — Dave