The 2022 Sunrise Drive Rummage Sale Will Be Held

Friday, May 13th, 5pm-8pm
Saturday, May 14th, 8am-noon

This is not the current website. Please go to for current address listings and items for sale.

I am paying for hosting of the Sunrise Drive rummage sale website for the months of April and May, 2022. I did this to get rid of the distracting advertisements I can’t control during the sale that come with a free site. After May of 2022 the paid site will end for this year and this free site will be the official home page and site for the Sunrise Drive rummage sale.

Street/Ave Addresses and Items for Sale
6th Ave NE  
7th Ave NE  
17th St. NE  
Sunrise Drive  

Last updated:

Notes: *: Need donation pick-up at this address on Saturday afternoon.
Θ: Sale hours may differ from those of the overall sale. If a participant is closed during the regular hours it will be shown above.

Participants: Please download the 2021 Sunrise Rummage Sale Poster to print for your workplace or place of worship.

Map of the sale area: